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Are you planning a trip to the DUBAI? We offer a range of “UAE” Dubai tourist visas tailored to your travel needs:


  • Visa Category: Tourist Visa
  • Visa Type: e-visa
  • No of Entries: Single / Multiple entry
  • Processing Time: 3 – 4 Days
  • Visa Validity: 58 Days
  • Stay Validity: 30 Days

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  • Visa Category: Tourist Visa
  • Visa Type: e-visa
  • No of Entries: Single / Multiple entry
  • Processing Time: 3 – 4 Days
  • Visa Validity: 58 Days
  • Stay Validity: 60 Days

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  • Visa Category: Tourist Visa
  • Visa Type: e-visa
  • No of Entries: Single / Multiple entry
  • Processing Time: 3 – 4 Days
  • Visa Validity: 58 Days
  • Stay Validity: 90 Days


  • Visa Category: Transit Visa
  • Visa Type: e-visa
  • No of Entries: Single Entry
  • Processing Time: 3 – 4 Days
  • Visa Validity: 14 Days
  • Stay Validity: 48 Hours

Explore the various visa options to suit your travel duration and needs. Our streamlined processing ensures your visa is ready within a few days, allowing you to plan your UAE visit without any hassle.

How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

To start your application process, kindly complete the visa application online form.

Upon submission, our team will carefully review your details and request additional documents if necessary.

After assessing all documents and confirming your proposed visit to Dubai, we will require a scan copy of your Passport, a photo with a white background, and the visa fee deposit voucher (which you can make via bank deposit or online transfer).

For any further visa-related inquiries or information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:
Phone: +977 9860939995
WhatsApp: +977 9860939995
Email: visa@dubaivisacenter.com

You can also connect with us through the chat options available on our website or by using our contact form.

Is there a guarantee for Dubai visa approval?
While we offer a high success rate (99%), obtaining a Dubai visa isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Approval relies on factors such as eligibility, travel purpose, compliance with requirements, and meeting immigration criteria.

Is it guaranteed that I can travel to Dubai if I have a visa?
No, having a visa doesn’t guarantee entry. Immigration officers may still assess your entry during the process based on various factors.

Feel free to contact us for assistance in completing your documents and to guide you for a hassle-free experience visiting Dubai.

List of Required Documents:

  • Completed Online Visa Application Form
  • Passport scan copy (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Passport-size photo (with a white background)
  • Visa Fees + Processing charge (Bank Deposit Voucher)
  • In certain cases, additional documents may be required, such as a relationship certificate, business documents, bank statement, invitation letter, hotel booking, and flight ticket (if necessary)

UAE VISA Processing Time:

Typically 2-3 working days (may extend to 7-10 days in exceptional cases).

Documents Required for Travel:

  • Valid Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Confirmed Hotel Booking
  • Round-trip Flight Tickets
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Proof of Foreign Currency Exchange and Passport Stamping
  • Documents Substantiating the Purpose of Travel
  • Company Letter (if applicable)
  • Tax Payment Receipt
  • Business-related Documents & Tax Clearance Documents

Note: We specialize in tourist visas for travel purposes only. Please note that we do not provide working, student or freelancer visas.

Illegal to work on a visit or tourist visa

It’s imperative for visitors and tourists to understand that working in the UAE, whether paid or unpaid, is strictly prohibited while on a visit or tourist visa. The UAE’s labor and residency laws mandate that individuals cannot engage in any form of work without a valid work permit and an employment visa. Violating these regulations may result in fines and deportation.

Who needs a UAE Tourist Visa?

Embarking on a journey to the UAE’s vibrant cities, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking landscapes often requires a tourist visa for most travelers. From Dubai’s modern marvels to Sharjah’s historical allure, this visa unlocks diverse experiences. Visa requirements vary by nationality, with some enjoying limited visa-free or visa-on-arrival stays. Tailored for 30, 60, or 90 days, securing the right visa allows personalized exploration of the UAE’s attractions. Understanding eligibility and navigating the application process are key for a seamless entry, ensuring an unforgettable stay exploring cultural events, shopping extravaganzas, or serene beaches in the UAE.

UAE visa on arrival countries list

The UAE offers a visa on arrival (VoA) facility to citizens of several nationalities, exempting them from the requirement of pre-arranged visas before entering Dubai and the UAE. Travelers arriving from the countries or regions listed below can proceed directly to immigration upon landing in the UAE to obtain their visa:

Moreover, nationals of GCC nations (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE) can enter the UAE without a visa by presenting a valid ID Card or GCC country passport at the entry point.

If you are a citizen of any of the countries listed below, you are eligible to avail yourself of the UAE’s visa on arrival (VoA) facility:

  1. Australia
  2. Swiss Confederation
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Slovak Republic
  5. French Republic
  6. Hellenic Republic (Republic of Greece)
  7. Hungary
  8. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  9. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  10. United States of America
  11. United Mexican States
  12. Japan
  13. Principality of Andorra
  14. Principality of Liechtenstein
  15. Principality of Monaco
  16. Ukraine
  17. Barbados
  18. Brunei Darussalam
  19. Solomon Islands
  20. Republic of Azerbaijan
  21. Republic of Estonia
  22. Argentine Republic
  23. Eastern Republic of Uruguay
  24. Republic of Albania
  25. Federative Republic of Brazil
  26. Portuguese Republic
  27. Republic of El Salvador
  28. People’s Republic of China
  29. Republic of Maldives
  30. Federal Republic of Germany
  31. Republic of Austria
  32. Republic of Ireland
  33. Republic of Iceland
  34. Republic of Italy
  35. Republic of Paraguay
  36. Republic of Bulgaria
  37. Republic of Poland
  38. Republic of Peru
  39. Republic of Belarus
  40. Republic of Chile
  41. Republic of San Marino
  42. Republic of Slovenia
  43. Republic of Singapore
  44. Republic of Seychelles
  45. Republic of Serbia
  46. Republic of Finland
  47. Republic of Cyprus
  48. Republic of Kazakhstan
  49. Republic of Croatia
  50. Republic of Korea
  51. Republic of Costa Rica
  52. Republic of Colombia
  53. Republic of Kiribati
  54. Republic of Latvia
  55. Republic of Lithuania
  56. Republic of Malta
  57. Republic of Mauritius
  58. Republic of Nauru
  59. Republic of Honduras
  60. Georgia
  61. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  62. State of Israel
  63. State of Kuwait
  64. State of Qatar
  65. Vatican City State
  66. Russian Federation
  67. Romania
  68. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  69. Sultanate of Oman
  70. Commonwealth of the Bahamas
  71. Canada
  72. Malaysia
  73. Kingdom of Spain
  74. Kingdom of Bahrain
  75. Kingdom of Denmark
  76. Kingdom of Sweden
  77. Kingdom of Norway
  78. Kingdom of Belgium
  79. Kingdom of the Netherlands
  80. Montenegro
  81. New Zealand

Please note that visa regulations are subject to change, so it’s advisable to verify the current requirements before planning your travel to the UAE.

How to Avoid Disappointment?

To ensure a smooth visa application process and avoid any inconvenience, it’s advisable to plan your trip well in advance. Submitting your visa application at least a week before your departure date (but not more than months in advance) is recommended due to the high volume of applications received.

Please note that Dubai visas are valid for 58 days from the date of issue. Typically, the processing time takes a minimum of 2 – 3 working days after receiving all the necessary documents. However, this timeframe is not a guaranteed timeline.

While striving to expedite the process, Dubai Visa Center cannot guarantee visa approval before your departure. We advise applicants to manage their travel plans accordingly in case of any unexpected delays, visa rejections, or the need to reschedule or cancel their trip.

It’s important to be aware that visa processing fees are subject to change without prior notice and are non-refundable under any circumstances.